Common Types of Equipment Used in Carpet Cleaning Activities

Carpet cleaning can be a strenuous task if there are spills and tough stains which have to be scrubbed off. If left in the same condition the carpet ends up looking dirty. So, to make the cleaning process simpler, one or two different equipments can be used.

Power head cleaners

If you want to just clean the top surface of the carpet in a quick manner, power head cleaners are the best. This heavy equipment includes a motorized spinning pad at the bottom of the machine. These pads when dipped in carpet cleaning solutions and moved above the carpet surface, absorbs all the stains and dirt in a short time. This equipment is great to be used in places like hotels and halls where there is heavy human traffic and fast cleaning is needed. Power head cleaners also help in drying the carpets soon to get rid of the moisture content.

Truck-mounted carpet cleaners

One of the most useful equipments which are usually purchased by many carpet cleaning professional companies are the truck-mounts. These equipments are very powerful and have a high vacuum capacity when compared to other portable cleaning equipments. They are fixed or mounted in a van and only the hoses and other attachments are carried into the home to clean the carpets. These equipments also dry the carpets quickly as they have the provision of a large and powerful suction pipe. Thus you can be assured of a thorough cleaning, which takes out all the moisture from your carpet and leaves it looking newer. Though a little on the expensive side, these equipments are worth trying.