Choosing Paint Guide

Sheen of the paint also plays an important role because different paints have different sheens. The heat reflective paints having very high sheen require expert painting company, as it’s very complicated to apply paint with high sheen. Often shabby brush marks are left while applying various coats. Only very thin coats of prudent painting on the wall, can give your home an elite look.

You can select paint with high sheen for all the items, as they are very durable and easy to clean. Esp. for your kid’s room, paints with high-gloss will be valuable because the walls in your kids’ room are more susceptible of getting dirty.

Flat Paint

Flat paint is non-glossy and is not very durable. But the greatest benefit of the paint is that it can successfully hide the imperfections such as, rough or uneven surface of the walls.

As the paint is insipid and doesn’t reflect light, rather it absorbs light, gives a visually smooth appearance to the surface of your walls. Flat paint can be a struggle to clean, so you can think of applying it on the ceilings or in the room of adults.

Eggshell paint

If you are looking forward to getting a mid-way between flat paint and high gloss paint, eggshell paint can be the right choice for you. It’s not very glossy and is reflective to an extent. You can consider painting all your rooms with eggshell paint, as it’s easy to clean it. Painters can give an amazingly new look to your home with the use of eggshell paint.

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