Choose Our Finger Food Catering Service Specials

We guarantee all your guests will have a satisfied tummy once they exit the party event. They won’t forget what happened in the event and they won’t forget the food they tasted either. Each special has appetizers, main courses, salads, and desserts. In fact, the food is not only delicious but they are also worthy to be posted on social media.

We know how hungry your guests might be so we will serve the appetizers when we arrive. The best part about this is you won’t have to worry about the leftovers. They will be put in handy containers so you can eat them at another date. It is never a good feeling to waste food so we make it a point to bring lots of reusable containers for the leftovers. After all, it is expected that there will be at least a few that will be left.

Everything Prepared

Our courteous staff will prepare the setup before the event so you can be sure that even those who arrive early will be able to eat right away. Our staff is well-trained for any type of event. If you want anything, feel free to get their attention. They would be more than happy to accommodate your request. Our finger food catering services take pride in providing excellent and affordable food that caters to everyone.

Jazz Carvery

For this special, you will only be able to select Jazz Carvery if you have an event that has a minimum of 50 guests. The salad selections will make your vegetarian friends happy as it includes coleslaw and Tuscan pasta. The best part about our salad is that they are fresh and made daily. Nothing feels better than eating fresh salad after all. The price for this special and all the other specials already includes everything so you won’t encounter any added charges to the final price you will pay.

Pink Lady Buffet

In order to avail of this special, you must have a minimum of 50 guests on hand. You don’t have to worry though because all of them will be more than satisfied with the food. The menu will certainly light your eyes up as it contains sausage rolls, chicken dumplings, spring rolls and Angus roast beef. You will also get a happy ending because we will also offer an assortment of mini tarts including berry cheesecake and chocolate tart.

In order to get the complete package, choose one of our finger food catering service specials. You can visit our website to see other different menus