Cellulite Types

Hard cellulite can be treated through mesotherapy, which includes injecting mesoderm layer with various ingredients such as natural extracts, combination of drugs and vitamins. Beauty treatments like Ultrasonic Cavitation machines given by specialists can also be an effective mechanism for fighting cellulite.

Soft Cellulite

Soft cellulite is most common in women of age group 30-40. After 30, the fat starts getting accumulated generally in obese women. Contrary to hard cellulite, it is very loose in appearance and easy to be detected. Soft cellulite tends to move with the movements because of it being softer and saggy.

Soft cellulitehas wide spread impact on body and can affect many parts of body. As soft cellulite is not in close contact with muscles, it’s easy to treat it.

Slow and steady exercise in conjugation with high-quality protein diet can effectively be taken to fighting cellulite. Proper toning of body parts, shedding extra fats from body can keep a check on soft cellulite. Include fat burners in your daily regimen.

Edematous cellulite

Edematous cellulite is not very prominent form of cellulite. It generally takes root due to improper circulation of blood and fluid retention; it mostly affects the lower sides of legs. This cellulite deforms the shape of legs and gives them angular look.

Its occurrence is most common in the women of age group 20-30. Edematous cellulite makes the affected body parts painful to touch. Avoiding junk food, high salt food and fizzy drinks is advisable, as these foods encourage fluid retention.

Mild exercises like swimming, cycling and walking can help in fighting cellulite of this form.Messaging affected body parts starting from down to up, in the direction of heart increases the blood circulation.

You should have gym equipment in your living room and you can workout while watching your favorite TV show.