Family Things to Do in Broome – Book a Whale Watching Tour

One of the common family things to do in Broome would be to set a date for a whale watching tour. There is nothing like interacting with these lovely sea creatures and it is best to book one at Broome Whale Watching. Don’t think twice about calling us or emailing us for any inquiries as we will do our best to respond right away.

It is advisable to get only the most experienced whale watching operator in the country and we have over 15 years of experience. That is certainly something you can’t buy so there is no doubt the tour will go along safe and smooth. We are confident you will have one of the most unforgettable tours in your stay in the country so bring your cameras and be prepared for some picture perfect moments.

Hop Aboard the Ballena

The entire whale watching tour happens in a huge sailing ship called the Ballena. It is designed to make you experience the humpback whales like never before. We are confident after the tour that you will recommend us to your friends as one of the top family things to do in Broome. Once you experience the sights and sounds of the whales, you will realize all the wait for this tour was worth it.

We prioritize the safety of our passengers so the ship is equipped with all the necessary equipment needed in case of an emergency. We are confident the tour will go along as planned. The views of the continuously growing humpback whales won’t be interrupted by anything unexpected during the tour. There is also a hydrophone available on board to help you feel the moment in this once in a lifetime experience.

Tour Inclusions

Our whale watching tour becomes one of the top family things to do in Broome because it includes bus transfers from wherever you are staying in Broome. Because of that, you won’t have to worry how you will get to the tour. You won’t even have to wake up early for it because we would adjust to the time you prefer after giving you our recommendations.

It would be a good idea to do the tour during the afternoon so you can catch the sunset as the view would be very nice. When you get hungry, we have cakes and biscuits on board as well as sumptuous cheese antipasto platters that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Learn About The Affordable Accommodation In Toowoomba

If you just have been in your own place ever since you were born, don’t you think it’s time to go out there are check out other places? Yes, the world is too wide and too enchanting to just stay in one place! As they say, we are all brothers and sisters and there are endless of brothers and sisters out there as well. If you have been living in a loud city for a long time, you should know that there are other places that are quieter and relaxing like the Toowoomba. Yes, Toowoomba is a city that is located in the southern part of Queensland, Australia and this city has a lot to offer. If you want to explore other cities, you can choose Toowoomba first!

accommodation room

Before doing that though, you need to book into Vacy Hall as the many cheap accommodation Toowoomba, this is by far the most popular and for good reasons at that. One of them is their facilities, check them out:

– Rooms that are decorated individually
– Architectural grandeur
– Laidback atmosphere which is quite opposite to what you are used to
– Great collections of antiques and art
– Most rooms have antique and brass beds
– Each room is equipped with fireplaces that are decorated with antique mantelpieces.
– Available facilities such as tea, coffee and also, hot chocolate making
– Fresh biscuits
– Wine and drinking glasses are always available
– High definition digital tv available in room
– During departure, you can purchase cold water from the fridge in your own room
– Heating throughout the house
– Hair dryer is available
– Every bed has electric blanket
– Most rooms are equipped with organic skin care products
– With daily servicing in all of their rooms
– You will get fresh white towels every day
– Fresh white bathrobes as well are available though you need to request for this
– Free access to communal guest lounge that is equipped with a working open-fireplace
– You can use free ironing board
– If you need extra pillows, you can get one by request

These are the almost endless facilities you can enjoy in Vacy Hall. As you can see, they provide almost everything just to ensure that your stay in their hotel will be something really enjoyable and unforgettable at the same time. But that is not the end of it actually as they also have facilities offered outside of Vacy Hall and some of them are:

– You can use their extensive wrap-around verandah anytime you like
– The verandahs are also equipped with lounges and swing seats
– If you have kids with you, they can use a kid’s swing set as well
– There are also garden games available for those young at heart

There are still more facilities that are available but not mentioned here. So get up now and book for Vacy Halll and for sure, you will have a time of your life in Toowoomba.

Benefits of Acquiring One of Fiji’s Holiday Packages

Going out on a holiday? If you are, you might want to visit Fiji and acquire their holiday packages. Fiji’s holiday packages are one of the things that you would want to acquire during holidays. It can give you so many benefits and advantages. Once you experience those benefits and the advantages that acquiring Fiji’s holiday packages can give you, you will certainly not regret the decision of acquiring it.

So now, here are some of the benefits and advantages acquiring Fiji’s holiday packages can give you.

• It can help stick to your budget. Fiji’s holiday packages can help you stick to your budget. It can help you save money. Instead of planning where to go, where to live, where to eat, what activities to do and etc. just by acquiring Fiji’s holiday packages, all of it is figured out already, And you will be able to pay a lesser amount, rather than the one that you planned all on your own. So better acquire Fiji’s holiday packages now, rather than planning the holiday all on your own. With Fiji’s holiday packages, you can save money.


• It can give you the most fun holiday ever. Fiji’s holiday package includes different activates that you can join. It is better this way, so you do not have to sit around and spend some time thinking on what to do next, because it will just bore you out. Fiji’s holiday packages have different activities planned out for you so that you do not have the chance to get bored out on your holiday vacation. These activities will surely make you holiday become the most fun holiday ever

• It can lessen your stress and hassle.It can lessen the stress and hassle since you do not have to actually be the one planning out the whole trip. You do not have to plan on where to go, where to stay, where to eat, and etc. since it is already included in the package. All you have to do now is just pack the things that you need and go to the place and then enjoy. Do not let stress ruin the holiday.

So those are some of the benefits and advantages that you will be getting if you would acquire Boutique resorts Fiji. You can certainly stick to your budget, and save money. Then you will have the chance to have the most fun holiday ever. Also, acquiring this would help you lessen the stress and hassle that you would need to handle for the holiday vacation.

So if you want to have the best holiday vacations ever, go out now and acquire on of Fiji’s holiday packages. Guaranteed, that you will have a great holiday vacation ahead of you if you chose to acquire one of Fiji’s holiday packages. You will surely be happy with it. And you will not regret the decision of acquiring one of their packages once you experience it.

Win The Sea With The Whale Shark

Most of us love to travel and explore new locations. Many among us specifically enjoy adventure trips. We tend to go on adventure trips with our like-minded friends more so because elders in our family may not enjoy the idea. Adventure trips are mostly associated with Mountain treks in most of the world. It is mainly because many parts of the world have mountains which are yet to be explored. People who are adventurous feel excited when the adventure is really challenging. Adventures become interesting when they more challenging and risky. Diving with a whale shark falls in this category.

Astonishing experience:

Very few places in the world offer chances to snorkel with Sharks. These places provide the adventure lovers with an opportunity to swim with the sharks. The very feeling of swimming with the sharks is astonishing. It means going into the depth of the sea to shake hands with the Sharks. Remember, it is not just shaking hands but swimming across with pride and honor with the most coveted sharks in the world. Diving with a Whale Shark will certainly be a memorable experience, which is one of its kinds in a human life

Where can you have the fun?

Coral Bay is one among those very few places that offer this excellent opportunity to adventure lovers. Many large vessels that float elegantly on the water for carrying such adventure lovers to deep into the surface of the sea. Such vessels are usually sophisticated in nature with rooms downstairs and upstairs. Be it the interiors that are stunningly luxurious or the amazing 360 degrees view from the wheelhouse, the trip towards the sharks is as enjoyable as diving with a whale shark

March to July is considered as the whale shark season in Coral Bay. Though witnessing whale sharks is mostly in the hands of nature, the feeling of just looking at the whale sharks acts as the motivational force for the visitors. When such excited visitors are taken deep into the sea, the fun and frolic increases. The excitement gets doubled when they dive into the sea by the side of the sharks and swim along with them under the deep blue seas. People who undergo such experience term it as an unexplainable one and desire to enjoy diving with a whale shark

Make a trip to Coral Bay and dive deep into the blue sea to swim with the best companion in the world, the massive whale shark

Top places for a Tahiti wedding

With the choice of beautiful beaches, the drama of mountain peaks and the joys of snorkelling, French Polynesia is the ideal location for a Tahiti wedding and here are some of the most talked about places in which to stage the event.

InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

This place has breathtaking views of the incredibly beautiful Mount Otemanu and it is easy to see why lots of couples choose this venue for a Tahiti wedding. For couples looking for a wedding on the beach, this property has a special area for the ceremony on the beach. It also caters for more traditional weddings with a chapel that showcases the natural surroundings and the glass floor offers a underwater view of the crystal clear water and a window behind the altar which frames the mountains. Visitors should try not to be distracted by the sea urchins in the lagoon while the ceremony is taking place.

Four Seasons Bora Bora

This was a combines the highest quality service with a dazzling choice of seven locations for a Tahiti wedding. Couples can choose between a beach wedding, a chapel with a wall of windows behind the altar with a great view of the lagoon and much else. A sunset cruise on the new catamaran is a perfect way to exchange wedding vows.

Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa

The island of Moorea is only a 50 min ride by ferry from the capital of Tahiti. Papeete and the views make the whole Tahiti wedding experience worthwhile while providing a less expensive alternative to Bora Bora, the sister island. Every room in the resort is done in traditional Polynesian style without skimping on any of the luxuries. The service is highly user-friendly and the attention to detail is impeccable from the flower arrangements to traditional dancers to highly efficient coordination.

Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach and Private Island

As an intimate venue for a Tahiti wedding, this place is hard to beat. Couples and guests can travel by boat to a private island and climb a stone stairway to a peak overlooking the lagoon. The view is stunning and the privacy means that you are safely insulated from any uninvited guests seeking to spy on your private ceremony.

Legends Resort Moorea

Sprawling over 17 acres of a hillside, this resort has a unique ambience. This is not the place for overwater bungalows, but the huge villas are perfect for sharing by wedding guests at the Tahiti wedding and you can possibly save some money. The wedding can be hosted on a private island and the restaurant on the site is among the best on the islands.

Discovering An Underwater Haven

Australia has been labeled by many tourist and magazines as the land of versatility when it comes to serving the people with different species of animals and cuisines infused with modern and traditional cultural heritage. The western part of the country has become infamous for its coral reef population by offering more than 200 corals reef for the locals and visitors to observe and admire. The Ningaloo reef has also been one of the most profound tourist attractions in the western parts of the country by providing more than 100 species of different and unique fishes such as manta rays, humpbacks and the Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark which has been serving as a major role in the developmental stages of the reef by attracting people from all around the world to admire the beauty.

The whale sharks have been recorded to be the size ranging from almost 12m and the largest vertebrates lurking in the oceans of the world. Unlike their counterparts the more aggressive kinds of sharks, these sharks resemble the whales in their qualities of behavior by being slow and calm. The months of April and July offers the largest migration of these majestic creatures towards the oceans of the world in search for food, the typical diet of these whale sharks includes plankton. The Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark expedition and dive programs enable the people to have the opportunity to swim and observe these majestic beauties within their natural habitat.

The Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark swimming programs have over the years perfected their art in making people experience the best of the reef and the journey of these sharks, The department responsible for the protection and implementing rules for people has taken different amounts of regulations to ensure the protection of these whale sharks and the people diving in with them. These regulations under their ambit allow only 5 to 10 people to dive at a single moment whereas the divers must be more 30 meters away from the animals in order to avoid distraction or disturbance in the path.

The companies that have been responsible for making people swim with these whales and launching the Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark program have envisioned a new scope and vision statements through these programs to boost Australia’s economic strength and capability by attracting more tourist not just for whale sharks but the humpback whales, the manta rays, the turtles and other coral species in these reef waters as well. The program has been attracting different people from all over the world who wish to discover the underwater traits of Australia.

Looking for the best place to see shipwrecks? Find out what scuba wreck diving resort in the Philippines has to offer.

Tips for Amazing Photos during a Cook Island Holiday

A Cook Island holiday is full of beautiful places that can be hard to capture all the beauty of in photos. Since there are 15 islands that you could visit during a Cook Island holiday having your camera ready, and planning out where you want to take photos is important. Most of the areas that many people visit during their Cook Island holiday are laid back, so you should go with the flow to get the best photos. Here are some tips to get amazing photos during your Cook Island holiday.

  • Talk to the Locals

One of the hardest things to do is to capture the personality and spirit of a location without meeting, and taking photos of the locals. The Cook Islands are home to some of the friendliest people in the world. The local greeting is ‘Kia Orana’ which means hello, and you will most likely get a smile in return. One of the best places to meet the locals is the Punanga Nui Market. This is also a great place to find out more about the lifestyle, and get some great portraits. Take time to have a fun chat with your subject first, so you will end up with a better photo and answer when you ask for one.

  • Sunrise Walks

If you are looking to take a killer landscape photo, you will to get up early. Nearly everything is going to be worth the pain. The beaches of Rarotonga are one of the best spots to take photos at sunrise, as there are waves in the sand, and pools of water that are not bothered by humans at this time of day. The lighting is different from day to day, and depends on the hour that you visit. No two photos are going to be the same, thanks to Mother Nature.

  • Accommodation

The Cook Islands are home to many beachfront accommodations. These accommodations are what help make a holiday on the Cook Islands so special. If you never want to forget that unique view, a photo can do the job. When trying to get a special spot of the view from your accommodations, think about having some of the inside in the photo. This can be a unique and creative way to frame the shot, and remind yourself that this is what you had to wake up to in the morning when you were on holiday.

Tips For Traveling To Sri Lanka

After a 29 year-long civil war, Sri Lanka has opened up to tourists. Since the island is now peaceful, tour packages Sri Lanka has become very popular, as many tourists want to see the island that has been locked off for so long. Sri Lanka has a unique mix of a heritage as a British colony, locals that are very friendly and landscapes that are breath taking. This makes the tour packages Sri Lanka a great option to see all that the island has to offer. There are still new tour packages Sri Lanka being created every year since the island has only been open to outside visitors for the last 7 years. With more tour packages Sri Lanka being available, it is easier and more affordable to visit Sri Lanka. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your visit to Sri Lanka.

Be Ready to Go Slow

While the infrastructure is improving and more transportation is becoming plentiful, getting around this modestly sized Island nation can feel trying at times. It is full of tightly winding roads, and inclines that test your engines. Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is one the most time eaters, no matter if you are taking a bus, train or tuk tuk. You should expect to inch from tea plantation to tea plantation at about 12 to 15 miles per hour. If you can, you should take a seaplane, or hire a car and driver to be able to see the island in a shorter time period.


Colombo, once was considered just the gateway city of Sri Lanka. Colombo is now filled with boutique stores, jazz clubs, internationally acclaimed restaurants and rooftop bars. While there are a number of sights that you should see, Colombo is a great place to settle in and see what the local life is like on Sri Lanka.

The Most For Your Money

By many western standards, Sri Lanka is still a cheap destination. However, with more travelers heading to island, the prices are rising quickly. If you are planning to buy everyday items like tea, head to the supermarkets in most big cities, there you can be sure that you are paying the same as locals would. If you are going to smaller cities, or smaller shops, make sure to check the packaging since in most places the price is printed on the box. It will be in ‘R’ which is short hand for rupees. Like many other tourist areas, it is not uncommon to be charged more, due to the fact that you are a tourist.

Why you Should Try the Vanuatu Holiday packages

Are you thinking about taking time off this summer and heading off to some place exotic? Maybe you feel as if your holiday plans may not work because you have a limited budget? Well, maybe you should consider the available Vanuatu holiday packages . For the not so great Geographers, Vanuatu is an Archipelago made up of about 80 islands located in the South Pacific. It is the ideal vacation place for lovers of scuba diving, exploring the coral reef, hiking trails and going up volcanoes such as Mt. Yasur. Below are a few reasons why you should consider this destination.

The people

Vanuatu is one of the warmest places that you can visit on the planet. The people of this locality are always welcoming. The island has a deep and sometimes mysterious culture. As a matter of fact, the country was declared the best in the planet in the year 2006. When you interact with the locals, you get a taste of their culture, their beautiful cuisine and all the other aspects that make Vanuatu exceptional.

Travel tips

When you purchase one of the available Vanuatu Holiday packages, all aspects of the travel, from the accommodation, food and places to see will be selected for you. Since the touring company has been operating on the islands for a while now, they fully understand the beauty of the place, and the places that will be memorable to visit. Besides that, they will organize your flights, and the most convenient way to pick you up from the airport, take you t the hotel and around the island for sightseeing.

The other thing you need to be careful about is the safety of your belongings. Even though the crime rates have been low in the past, there are reports indicating that petty thefts are on the rise. This is something that happens to tourists in all exotic destinations. The tour service organizers always recommend that the people should be careful about personal items and especially personal documents such as passports.

If you are thinking about hiring a rental car, you can be allowed to drive in Vanuatu with your native country’s license. However, the local vehicles are normally not well insured and it would be best to stick with the means of transport that has been recommended by the Vanuatu holiday packages organizers. All factors considered, Vanuatu is definitely one of the most interesting places you could ever visit on the planet.


The Paradise In Australia

Do you want to have a breathtaking experience to see the Ningaloo reef whale shark with your family, parents, relatives, wife or husband to be? The answer is yes for all adventurers and those who like travelling and all it takes is visit Ningaloo reef in Australia which was officially declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean about 18m in length but the male shark becomes sexually active when it is about 8.5 metres in length. It can weigh up to 15 tonnes yet surprisingly enough it only feeds by filtering zooplanktons such as krill and copepods through their gill rakers which are the tiny teeth located in their gills. The Ningaloo reef whale sharks are mostly found in warm temperate areas.

Up to the present day, very little is known about the breeding cycle of the Ningaloo reef whale shark. It is however known that they undergo internal fertilization and give birth to live young. The males can be denoted by the presence of two claspers near the pelvic fin and these are absent in the females.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark being a fish does not need to come to the surface to breathe and they obtain their oxygen through the filtering of sea water in their gills. However it is believed that they come to the surface to feed in as much as their feeding habits and normal behavior remains a mystery. Whenever they smell danger they won’t hesitate to dive and they can dive to depths of up to 700m.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark has a skin on its back up to 7cm thick and this provides the whale shark with protection and banks towards the swimmers in any situation threatened to protect its under belly. It has line patterns and spots helping it blend to its oceanic surroundings and unique patterns help single out individual sharks.

Want to visit the sharks? The first step is booking online. Some who prefer to have a pre-visit to the area also book in the main offices. There are many species of fish that are available in Ningaloo reef that’s why a week’s visit can never be enough. For those who have had an opportunity of diving with whale shark, I hope you can now visualize the experience. Indeed that remains as a lifetime memory and a unique wildlife interaction that will live forever.

Have diving with Ningaloo reef Whale Shark on your next holiday vacation.