Buying A Condo In Pattaya

A condo or condominium is a unit in an apartment or an office building, which is individually owned by different people, and all the people holding different units share the common area. Pattaya in Thailand is a beautiful place to live, and if you want to invest in some foreign property, buying a condo in Pattaya is the best option for you. Pattaya also has very attractive places, which you can visit like Cosy Beach, Jomtien Beach, and Pratumnak Hill, etc.

Today, Pattaya is one of the most developed cities in Thailand. Tourists visit this city regularly as it is the closest vacation spots from Bangkok, and this lures foreigners to make Pattaya their property investment choice. More and more westerners are buying a condo in Pattaya these days.

Reasons to purchase a condo in Pattaya

  • Pattaya is a fantastic city with lively nightlife and beautiful beaches. It is also just one hour drive from the new airport. As the law of Pattaya restricts the foreigners from purchasing any land there, the only option for foreigners is to buy an apartment or a condo.
  • Pattaya has a very attractive investment opportunity for both foreigners and Thai people since it is vivacious city and inexpensive if you compare it to other places in Thailand. Pattaya is also only 1 ½ hours distance from Bangkok.
  • In Pattaya, up to 49% of the total units in a single condo can be purchased by foreigners. Considering this, the condos are being designed to suit the needs of the western consumers.
  • The cost of owning a condo in Pattaya is very cheap when you compare it to any developed city in the world. The cost at which you will buy one property in Australia will probably get you more than two properties in Pattaya. In Pattaya, these condos are priced from 1 million Baht depending upon the style and facilities available.
  • Pattaya is a very peaceful and extremely attractive place. Why would someone want to buy a property in a crowded city when one can live in a place as awesome as Pattaya? In addition, all the necessary facilities are present in this city. The city got its own international schools, shopping malls, hospitals, golf courses and the biggest water park in the entire Southeast Asia.

Pattaya is a breathtaking city and a perfect place for investment. You need to buy a condo in Pattaya to experience the beauty it contains. See

What You Need To Ask From A Mortgage Broker

Here is the thing, there are a lot of things you need to ask from a mortgage broker to know things, such as:

  • Are you getting help from the right mortgage broker?
  • Are you getting the best available option for your mortgage loan?
  • Is this path best for you to take

And other questions that can be best answered if you ask questions to your mortgage broker Melbourne.

Best questions to ask a mortgage broker

There are good questions to as your mortgage broker, these are:

  • “Can you give me good bank or financial institution mortgage loan deal”

Surely important, when you get a mortgage loan, all you want is to make sure that you are getting the best available mortgage loan in the market. Asking your mortgage broker if they can give you that, is a question that you need to ask primarily.

  • Where are you connected?

What banks or financial institutions are they connected with? Do they have good number of connections that will allow you not just to get good mortgage loan deal but as well as fast and sure approval.

  • “When can I get my mortgage loan?”

How long will the mortgage loan process may take? Setting timeline is important for mortgage loan is important. Ask for definite dates or at least a rough estimation of time.

  • Who are your previous clients?

Knowing the list of names of people they were able to assist, can help you better in doing a background check. Asking their previous clients directly of their experience from the mortgage broker will give you better idea whether they can help you or if they can meet your expectations.

  • How many clients have you served successfully?

Not just the people they were able to assist, but number of people they were able to help successfully. How many approvals of mortgage loans were they able to submit? Knowing this will give you better grasp whether they can help you or not.

  • Are your certified or do you have credentials?

A mortgage broker, before they can perform any mortgage broker responsibilities or duties, they need to be able to get certification or accreditation, thus asking them whether they are certified or not is a must. Do not settle for anything or anyone that may not give you certified service.

There are a lot of questions best to ask, thus if there is anything you think you need to ask that is not included above, better ask them now.

Getting a Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit

A lot of us made huge life altering decisions when we were young that impact us to this day. You moved in with a hippie roommate who didn’t pay the rent in the apartment in your name. You got a credit card at 18 and bought out a department store worth of furniture. You had a new car repossessed when you couldn’t make the payments. Do any of these situations sound familiar? They all are mistakes that many of us made when we were young that are still causing us grief today. You have changed a lot since then; you grew up, pay your bills now and are ready to buy a new home. Will having bad credit leave you homeless? Should you use mortgage brokers?

Not Necessarily

If you have applied with different banks to get a mortgage loan, and have been denied, you should consult with mortgage brokers in Perth. They are able to make deals with banks and other lending institutions that a regular Australian citizen cannot get. They know the housing market and the best time to buy as well as the ever changing rates. There are a few ways that you still may be able to get the home of your dreams even if you have bad credit.

Find Someone Who Does Not Do Credit Scoring

The majority of banks and lending institutions use a system on the computer to access your loan application. If you have thousands of dollars in past due bills, this may count against you when shopping for a new home. Look for mortgage brokers that don’t do a computer assessment of your credit report. If you apply with a lender who does not use credit scoring, you will be able to meet a real live person that will access you. Instead of an automatic “no,” you can plead your case to a live human who can access every aspect of your history and is able to make an informed decision based upon your current ability to pay. Lenders that do a computer application include every financial transgression you’ve ever had without reading more into it. You could be the most response person in the world now. That should count for something.

Avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance

If you are planning on buying a house, have the capital to cover a 20 percent deposit, stamp duty as well as other fees. Have this fee to give you your mortgage brokers and avoid having someone go over your application. You have a much higher chance of being approved with a larger start up investment.


Cheap Houses Are The Best

Finding and buying your own house to live is one of the best things you can plan ahead. If you are looking for something worth it, then checking different cheap houses for sale Pattaya is one of your best options. There is nothing more better than buying thing, not limited to houses that are cheap.

Cheap does not mean, losing quality or beauty, it only means affordability to all, come to think of it, just the other way around, that not all expensive are better and wiser to buy.

Advantages of cheap houses for sale Pattaya

Buying anything with a lesser cost, including cheap houses for sale Pattaya definitely provides a lot of benefits and advantages, thus cheap houses for sale Pattaya should never put aside.

  • Buying two or more than just one property

If your options are coming from cheap houses for sale Pattaya, your budget can definitely let you buy more than one property, which is definitely ideal. Enjoying more properties can be achieved easily if your options are cheaper houses.

  • Moving out, if needed is not a problem at all

If in case there is a need for you to move out and transfer to a different place or location due to work or personal decision, deciding is not too hard to think of at all, especially that you did not spend that much anyway. Selling the house is not too hard to do, as of course people are as well looking for cheap houses and if the house is affordable, then it is easier for you to dispose and sell them.

  • You will have spare money for renovations

Since you did not spend that much for your cheap houses for sale Pattaya, you surely have spare for home renovations and improvements. Styling and designing your homes exactly as how you want it to be is surely a lot more ideal.

  • You can save up the money you save, for future expenses

Since the house you buy is more affordable than others, you surely have leftovers from your savings. Keeping them for future use is definitely a good idea.







  • Lesser expectations, better chances of being contented


Since you spend less than what you expect, you might want to lower down your standards. Although, the house should still be descent, but nevertheless, your expectations will not be as much if you spend more dollars. Contentment and satisfaction is just easy when you buy something with a lesser cost.

Living In Pattaya

It is a common opinion that Pattaya is one of the best places to retire. With its warm climate, low cost of living and a very active nightlife, every day will be nothing short of a wild ride. There are lots to do in Pattaya, Thailand: from having a few drinks with some old and new friends to a tranquil adventure to one of Pattaya’s hidden temples. There’s definitely a lot to do here for more than just a few bucks. The next step would probably be to look for houses for sale Pattaya. Here are a few other reasons why you should live in Pattaya:

Cheap. Quart size beers at a downtown bar can set you back less than 120 Baht or about five dollars. Dinners at first-class restaurants will be about twenty dollars. Hotels are also cheaper and the quality is decent. All-in-all, the low cost of living is definitely very seductive especially for those who are planning to retire here. There are also lots of cheap houses for sale Pattaya. For a few more thousand dollars, you can even afford houses along the beach.

The people. The people of Thailand are generally welcoming and friendly. They have an easy-going way of life, worlds apart from the way of life in most western countries. Either you love it or you hate it. The chill vibe of Pattaya can be a novel experience for most westerners and everyday can be an adventure. The people here are active, especially at night and if you’re open enough, you can be friends with everyone. Pattaya will be your little oyster.

Public Transportation. Transportation is efficient and readily accessible. Travel can cost you for mere change or you can even drive yourself. There are also buses and motorcycle taxis that can be an exciting experience by themselves, although it is up to you if you are willing to risk your safety for this experience. If all else fails, you can simply walk around Pattaya. There are beer houses and restaurants in every corner.

Medical facilities. The medical and dental services in Pattaya are decent enough for western standards, and of course, much cheaper! Medical procedures can cost as little as 40% of what you might have spent if you availed of the same services in western countries.

Housing. As mentioned earlier, housing is very cheap if you check houses for sale Pattaya even on the internet. A two-bedroom house can cost as little as a few hundred bucks! Utilities are also cheap with average monthly bills of as little as 30 dollars for a two-bedroom home. All-in-all, the overall cost of living can cost as little as 50% compared to living in western countries. If you are sold, you can proceed with looking for houses for sale Pattaya lists and start contacting some real estate agents.

What to Keep in Mind when Comparing Financial Institutes for Home Loan Processes

Today you have many options to finance your dream home and it is therefore important to select an institution which would give you the right advice and information. Banks, financial institutions like mortgage brokers, credit unions, interne lenders, the list goes on and on. But you need to assess the risk and credit worthiness of all the parties and select those lenders who are best suited for your needs. Home loans are attractive lending instruments compared to other loans and therefore you may find many fly by night operators. You need to be sure of your requirements before entering a financial agreement.

A mortgage bank

A mortgage bank is a great financial lender and is acceptable to many. It is one of the most reliable institutions which would provide you the necessary expert advice with respect to your real estate requirements. The bank has many experts who are experienced in the real estate markets and would assess your financial worthiness and the value of your proposed real estate. It would also speed up you loan application processing and if the bank holds your savings account, it may be more informed of your credit worthiness.

A mortgage bank may offer only limited options and the flexibility is very limited compared to other operators in the financial market.

You can choose your lender based on your credit worthiness, access to financial document, ability to repay, interest rates, relationship, financial savvy and cost of the loan. There are many attractive deals on line but as a home loan solicitor you need to be wary of any frauds and should check on a reliable operator or lender.

Do a bathroom renovation when you place your house on sale.

Retaining Good Tenants Tips

Talk to your tenants and try to increase the rent by a small value every year. This is much better than increasing the rent by a huge fraction every two-three years. Small rent adjustments are easier on the tenants as well as they can adjust their budget to this newly increased price better. You may not see immediate profits, but in the long run it will be you who will have benefited.

Be considerate of your tenant’s requests

Always try to have a good working relationship with your tenants. If they wish to make some changes in the house do consider these requests and give your go-ahead wherever feasible. If they are thinking of making huge changes to the house which you are not particularly interested in then have a discussion with them and allow space for a half way agreement rather than full blown denial.

Be a nice landlord

Treat your tenants with respect and do not view them as only a means to earning some money. Greet them on special occasions like Christmas and New Year, attend to their problems relating to the house as soon as you can and give them the feeling that you care about them having a good stay in your house.

There are many rental properties that tenants can choose from. More often than not it is these small steps you take that can make the difference between them choosing your property over all the others and staying in it for a long term. Seek advise from property management agents on how to get a good tenant.

Getting Started in Real Estate Basic Tips

A high school diploma is the minimum educational qualification required if you want to become a real estate agent in QLD. If you plan to pursue higher education, opt for specialization in marketing or sales which will be helpful in furthering your real estate career as an agent. Before pursing your real estate career fulltime, you must enroll at a reputable institute that offers degree or diploma on real estate courses and also undergo hands-on training. Learn from the best Adelaide mortgage brokers.

Alternately, you can also opt for vocational training in real estate industry under Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. You have the option of joining onsite or online courses which make it so convenient for you to pursue your real estate career. To enhance your career further by projecting yourself as an all-round expert, go through additional courses on real estate law and financing. You will then be in a position to advise your clients on legal and financial matters.  

Undergoing your Training

Your training period is the time when really learn all the tips and tricks of this industry. This stint gives you the perfect opportunity of gaining valuable experience that is an indispensable requirement for a successful real estate career. As a trainee or a licensed agent’s representative, you will work under the expert guidance of estate agents who have been in this industry for years. The largest online portfolio is a guide to perform different kinds of tasks, however treat this as a learning process and assimilate as much knowledge as possible. You can also continue working with them full-time even without having your own license as you will then be representing a licensed agent or agency.  Do remember that eighteen is the minimum age required in order to be eligible for a license.

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Things You Should Avoid When Selling Your Home

Potential home buyers are a picky lot. They look for near perfect homes with features that fit their needs. Since property is an expensive investment, home buyers are allowed to be picky and take their time. However, this is what sellers need to comprehend so that they can accordingly portray their homes as the best available one. Other mistakes that could ruin a potential sale include:

Not preparing and sprucing up the house

Once you choose to sell your house, it is important to portray a good home. Keep in mind that any potential buyer will have several homes to choose from. Should he find yours to be badly maintained, it might not inspire him to choose yours.

Preparing the home for sale can include simple measures like giving it a paint job, fixing broken and cracked walls, repairing minor structural damages and the sort. By doing so, home buyers will be more attracted to your property and will be keener on investing in it.

If you do not have the finances to spruce up the house, you can always borrow some money from friends or relatives and pay them back as soon as you manage to sell the property. Check

Taking the location for granted

Another common mistake sellers make is to take the location of their property for granted. This is especially true of cases wherein property owners own prime property in key locations. By feeling that your property will sell itself because it lies in a prominent area, you are affecting the true worth of the property. As a seller, the onus is on you to ensure the property fetches the amount it should as per market standards.

Not enough marketing

Expert property estate agents will tell you that your property needs a good amount of marketing from your end too, to sell. As the owner, you need to market it in local brokerage magazines or real estate papers.


It is very important to know and understand your suburb. Potential buyers will look at a number of properties in the neighbouring suburbs and start comparing. So if you know the strong points of your suburbs, you can easily use them to your advantage.

You can submerge the weak points by highlighting the advantages of living in your suburb. If the potential buyer has children and if your suburb has a nice walkway and a park nearby, you can impress them by highlighting them. Further, Estate agents come in handy while striking a deal. That’s what they are for, anyway, right?

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Rental Properties

It is advisable to get the maximum bond you are allowed legally from your new tenants. This differs from state to state. A maximum bond will cover for any rental properties’ damage or any due rent. The bond is required to be signed by all parties and will be kept in possession of a government body which will keep the amount till the bond expires and all the people involved agree to the pay-out of the amount.

Signing the Lease

This is an essential step while renting out properties. All the involved parties should sign an agreement in writing called as the Residential Tenancy Agreement and receive a copy of the same.

A printed copy of the key without the key ring should also be attached to the lease document for easy comparison when the key is handed back after the lease or tenancy gets over. A renting guide must also be given to the tenants before or during the signing of the lease. All these forms are easily available online for download.

Prepare a Comprehensive Condition Report

A comprehensive report covering the condition of your property before your tenants move in is a mandatory requirement to avoid arguments and disagreements at the end of the tenancy.

The more exhaustive the report the less are the chances of disagreements later on. Include photos, videos and details to substantiate your claim in case of any arguments at the end of tenancy.

Small adjustments in the rent

Talk to your tenants and try to increase the rent by a small value every year. This is much better than increasing the rent by a huge fraction every two-three years. Small rent adjustments are easier on the tenants as well as they can adjust their budget to this newly increased price better. You may not see immediate profits, but in the long run it will be you who will have benefited.

Having a problem looking for a rental property? Visit the Mortgages Adelaide.