Reasons to Watch the 2017 NBA Finals

This year marks the third installment of the trilogy between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Every decade, the NBA teases us with a rivalry for the ages. In the 1980’s it was Lakers/Celtics while in the 1990’s it was Bulls/Jazz. With the Cavs and Warriors meeting for the third time to break a 1-1 tie, this is shaping up to be a great rivalry. Here are some reasons why it’s a fun series to watch:

7 of The Last 8 MVPs are Present

In the past 8 years, LeBron James became the MVP four times, Stephen Curry won it twice and Kevin Durant won the award once. All of them will be on the floor when the NBA Finals tip off in Oakland. There’s no doubt this will be one of the most star-studded NBA Finals in recent memory.

There are no excuses, when the Warriors beat the Cavaliers in the first encounter, Kyrie Irving was injured. When the Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors last year[1], Draymond Green got suspended for Game 5. This year, there’ll be no excuses as both teams will showcase their complete lineup. Warriors Owner Joe Lacob even stated he prefers his Warriors facing the Cavaliers over another team because they have unfinished business. He may be right.

Draymond Green’s Guarantee. Last year, Draymond Green’s team became the first team in NBA Finals history to lose a 3-1 series lead. This year, Green said in a video that he promises his team will annihilate the Cavaliers when they meet again in the Finals. We’ll see how he lives up to his guarantee. It’s not going to be easy against one of the game’s best playoff performers in LeBron James.

Aside from entertainment there are other reason watching the 2017 NBA Finals, you’d want to side with one team. Once you’ve decided which team to cheer on, it would be wise to make free bets online. You’ll generate more excitement when you put your hard-earned cash on the line. Since this is basketball, you have a 50-50 chance no matter who you bet on.

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Party Hacks To Wow Guests At Your Party

You know what’s the talk on the streets? It’s about badass parties that scrap off boredom and awkwardness among guests. Seriously, if you still think getting clowns and bands are the only way to give a good time then you should think twice. Because the game has changed with photo booths, beer pong and adult games invading parties right now. Here’s a list of party hacks you can try to be the best team host ever:

Experiment on booze

Serve drinks in a unique and fun way aside from flaming shot glasses. Have you heard of vodka gummy bears? Yup, it’s a thing now. It’s pretty simple to do. Just put gummy bears in a bowl then pour the vodka. Cover and it is sit in the fridge a day before the party and viola! You’ve got a fun and unique way to serve booze.

Adult games

Want guests to interact with one another without having to force awkward conversation? Then start adult games. But no, spin the bottle is way too ordinary, so look for games that are new and exciting. There are giant Jenga set, beer pong and more. Research on the Internet to find out more.

Easy to eat foods

Celebration won’t be complete without food. It’s because nobody wants to starve in an event, right? Therefore, prepare foods that are easy to eat and not messy. Finger foods like sandwiches, fries, onion rings, hotdogs and more. Play with options and think out of the box.


For a more fun party, decorate the space with materials that matches the theme. If it’s a laid back setup, get candle lights or hanging lights. For a more energetic vibe, prepare neon lights and match with party music.

Photo booths

Don’t waste any moment in your celebration and get photo booths. With custom photo prints, you can have the freedom in designing frames of the pictures. The wedding photo booth hire Sydney is a good addition to parties because they serve as a souvenir that we can keep to ourselves. And since almost everyone likes to take a picture, photo booths became a trend to almost every occasion whether birthdays, weddings or children’s party.

Connect with old friends and relatives by hosting a get-together party. It takes just a little time to prepare and start the fun. Don’t forget to avail quality photo booths at iBooth. We have comprehensive packages that match the needs of our clients. Give us a call to learn more.

Funky Photobooth Hire For Parties And Corporate Events

Like other people, you probably love to keep some memories of an event or party. But hosts too desire to give a souvenir or a return gift or just want their guests to remember them for a great party. Sydney photo booth hire is the best option since it is the only guaranteed way to add some frolic, fun, and naughtiness to a party. It is currently popular since they capture memories of a lifetime. It in fact livens up a party like nothing else for just about anyone belonging to different age group.

Photo booth hire is not just limited to the private parties, but also corporate events in order to celebrate just about anything. Funky booth hire promises to capture your event in great style and brings first class entertainment to your guests. It is combined with most recent technology to bring you a booth that needs only two meter of approximate space. You have photographs at the touch of a button and will leave your guests speaking about the best time they had.

What’s more is that to make it more funny and funky, photo booth props like playboy bunny ears, feather boats, and more are provided. You will be surprised to see your friends come out of their introvert side and participate in the funny moments. Hiring photo booth gives you consecutive photos to capture fun moments and prints them on double strips. This way you and your guest can each keep a copy of some fun filled memories. They also have some extra offers like tailor made acrylic frames, place name holder that can also double up as take home gifts with photo strip and also luxurious black albums for extra charges apart from rentals.

The typical standard of a photo booth hire period is up to three to four hours which is sufficient for an event or a party. Also the best part is that we have no limit on the number of photos you capture and tailor made services to make your event successful. Professional and well mannered crew will assist your guests with the photo booth. They take thirty minutes to set up and set down on either side of your photo booth rentals period.

Photo booth has always been a fantastic way to add pleasure to your event or party and let your guests take home some best memories. Everyone likes to keep some memories of a party or event. But hosts too want to give a souvenir or a return gift or just want their guests to remember them for a great party. A Photo booth hire is an excellent option as it is a surefire way to add some fun, frolic and naughtiness to a party.

Should You Hire Party Equipment Providers?

Should you hire a party equipment provider for your occasion? Why not try doing what they do by yourself? Maybe you have the same questions in your head on the verge of throwing a party. Do you know how much of work is involved during planning a wedding and actually going through with it without any issues? Party equipment hire could be your ultimate solution!

How many times have you and I gone for a party and watched the hosts of those parties so stressed so busy running around trying to accommodate their guests? Were there any situation the host was criticized for not thinking ahead to accommodate their guests better? Yes, there is a solution for all these possible issues that could come up during a party. Whether it is wedding, an anniversary, a religious occasion, a corporate event, or any other special event, it is only natural that something goes wrong when accommodating a large number of guests. But would you be able to single handedly pull off an event without going through any mishaps? Party equipment hire would definitely put your mind at ease in the above situations.

What would party equipment hire provide you? It will provide you a wide array of services. Accessories appropriate for your occasion’s theme, bar equipment, Catering Equipment including Electrical, Food service and Gas Equipment, Crockery, Cutlery, Dance Floors, Furniture, Lighting, Linen Service, Marquees, Service Equipment, Glassware, Silverware, Staging and so much more that even includes children’s party accessories.

These party equipment providers will collaborate with you to accommodate you whims. After all, it is your party! Even if your party has a theme, and it needs to harmonize with the equipment you hire for the party, you can let these service providers know your whims and wishes. If you have cleverly decided to go for party equipment hire for you special occasion, you might wonder how to choose a party equipment provider that would meet your expectations.

If this is your special day, you will undoubtedly want an unmistakably great service that will complement the most joyous day of your life. Having party equipment hire Perth will be an ideal choice for you whether the theme of you wedding is rustic, vintage, beach or any other outdoor or indoor elegant occasion. You will surely do your research well enough to find out which equipment providers will best satisfy your expectations.

And if this is any other occasion, you might want the most economical and productive service that reflects the value of your money. My recommendation is that you rely upon the referrals and request quotes from the websites of these providers for the best choice.

Increasing Trend To Hire Photo Booth

Add your old days charm to a special occasion and hire a photo booth to make your celebration even more memorable and festive. Teenage years are said to be the golden years of an one’s life and no one can ever forget the fun trips to the malls along with your friends or with a special someone and how each trip used to be incomplete without hiring a photo booth for that matter. Bring back the sweetness of those carefree days and contact Melbourne photo booth hire for any celebration and part. Try to see the way how your friends turn back the memories into a laughing memories. Add a classical touch or just a fun get together with your friends.

After-all party photo booth hire is the perfect place where you can preserve the most enticing times and expressions of your loved ones. Human emotions like laughter, joy, fun and anxiety can be preserved well only on photographs and hence, photo booth hire are an ideal way to go. Some people might find the thought of a photo booth hire for gatherings like reunion, wedding, birthday. However what they don’t realize is that these photo booths have a secret way of loosening up people and capturing great moments of fun, something which a formal photo can never do. It is extremely exciting about getting behind that blue curtain and closing off all the outer world which brings out the fun and natural side of your loved ones and friends personalities, that remains hidden in most cases. Your decision to hire a photo booth is not just a fun decision in fact these professionals will prove to be the best diversion for children who can act as real terrors in the parties without the best supervision.

It is invincibly important that you hire photo booth from a reputed company that has been delivering photo booth hire services for a longer period of time now. First and foremost you need to ensure that the company uses the best quality photographic tools, to ensure that you get only the highest quality photos. Furthermore, it is always a good alternative to first check out the booth that you are planning to employ. Try to avoid going for a company that does not allow their clients to view their past photo booth projects. A good and professional photo booth company will enable the customers to inspect the booth. Most of the times, the companies providing photo booths hire also offer samples that will be produced from the photo booth, if the client requests for them.


Tips in Getting Jukebox Hire

You surely are interested in renting one, you are surely looking for jukebox hire Sydney, reason you are on the internet looking for guidelines or at the least explains why you are on the internet reading articles that would help you in choosing the right jukebox hire service there is in the market.

Just like any other services or product that is open for hire or rental, here are a few things you may want to consider and be your guideline when looking for jukebox hire.

  • Do not rush, plan ahead of time

Just like any other product or service that are rented or that are for hire, it is but important that you do not rush when hiring, never rush or never choose with such short amount of time, as this will and more often than not would result to a bad choice.

Always plan ahead, most especially when it comes to hiring or renting, you would want to make sure that you have considered more than one option as it would benefit you more should you have studied what your options are, what they can offer and what type of service they have versus what others have to give or offer. This is and should be one of the most important thing to consider when looking for a jukebox hire.

  • Do not settle for the first one you see

Just like what had been mentioned in the previous bullet, it is important that you first consider all the options you have, never settle for the first one you see, never settle for the first choice you have as more often than not it will lead you to a bad decision, lead you to a bad choice.

Finding the right choice would only be possible if you consider options, if you are to look for what their competitor could offer, and this should be a practice when you are on the look for jukebox hire.

  • Make a list of options

Just like any other things you look for in the market, just like any other things you rent or hire, when on the look for jukebox hire, it is important that you plan ahead and this should always be a practice apart from being able to get better selection, apart from being able to get a better deal , such as good microphone, if not the best deal that you can get when looking for jukebox hire.

So Many Reasons To Rent A Photobooth

Are you about to tie the knot with someone who is the most special and important person for you? Well, unless he is that to you, there is no reason to live with him for the rest of your life! Indeed getting married is quite important like this is one of the big leaps you have to take in your lifetime and it is just right that you will prepare for this tremendously just like what others have done. Yes, when it comes to a wedding preparation, most of the time people are willing to give out their all. In fact, there are even times when one is saving for a number of years just to be wed fashionably!

The thing when you are planning for your wedding is you want it to be the talk of the town for some time especially that you are doing your best to prepare and plan for it. However, people will only talk about something if they extraordinarily enjoy the event. This is why, you should also consider a kind of entertainment for your guests for after the important events, people will then start to get bored if there is nothing left to do but eat. One good thing that you can include in your plan is having photo booth hire. Yes a photobooth can surely assist you at this time. Check out below the many reasons why:

– In a wedding, there are guests from both sides like from the side of your partner and yours and most of the time, they are not that close really thus they might not even talk that much after changing pleasantries. So, to break the ice, they can start mingling through the photobooth instead of just staying in their assigned table all the time.

– With the technology we have these days, you can even share the photos online in your social media accounts like instagram and facebook. Just make sure to choose a provider that will post everything in their website or you can talk to them to even make you a copy though most of the time, this comes with additional charges. But then again, since you are only getting married once in your lifetime, then it is actually alright.

– Though photobooths are not merely for the fun but still there is no denying that their fun factor is really superb like you can hardly find a single person who won’t be entertained with a photobooth. After all, we are even fond of taking “selfies”! This should be a new experience for those who just used a photobooth and it will happen in your big day!

A photobooth should be a very creative way in immortalizing your wedding with photo prints. For sure a lot of people will really remember your wedding for a long time. So, seek out a provider now and be sure to find a really reliable one in all aspects. Don’t forget to really check the merchandise though.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Photo Booth Hire

A lot of individuals usually engage photo booth hire services when they plan to host an event. Aside from being an attraction, it can also help distribute photos as souvenirs or remembrance from the event. However, before you decide to hire one, you should first need to know its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a couple of them.

Numerous advantages are available when you engage wedding photo booth hire Melbourne services for the event that you are organizing. First of all, a photo booth is something that most individuals will truly enjoy, even if they belong to different age groups. Almost everyone wants to take picture with their friends while they wear funny costumes and holding props. You can also show your creativity with each pose.

During an event, many things can take place. There could be some guests who will huddle in one corner and chat with each other. Some might be dancing in the center of the dance floor. Others may be eating or just even sitting. The presence of a photo booth will give an additional option to the guests with regards to what they should do while the event is taking place.

With a photo booth, processing and developing photo prints will be complete in just a matter of seconds to a couple of minutes. After you and your companions pose and take your picture, you will just need to wait for a short period of time to get the resulting photos. You will definitely have something that will help you remember about the event that you went to.

Along with these advantages, you will also encounter disadvantages with a photo booth hire. Since you are only renting the product, you will also need to take the necessary extra caution when using the product. This may mean that you will be worried most of the time during the event. You have to understand that any damage that the booth may incur will mean incurring penalties also in your part. You should read and understand, and most importantly adhere to the terms and conditions of the use of such booth.

A photo booth varies in size. Whatever the size may be, though, it will definitely take up some space in your event. If the venue of the event is small, then, setting up a photo booth may congest the area, leaving small space for traffic. In this case, you will definitely have to check the size of the venue as well as the booth before you even hire one for your event.

You also have to take note that the size of the booth will also affect its rental fee. If you are on a tight budget, you may be able to hire a small booth. However, it may not be able to accommodate a large group of people all at once.

Instagram Printer Hire Will Make Your Event Unique

Today if you launch a product, have an event or a party, they are never complete only just after they are shared on social media. Even if it’s a business launch or your wedding, for sure you want to remember it forever. Your event can go viral through the help of the hashtags on Instagram.

There is a retro Instagram Printer that can print the photos that have been uploaded to Instagram with the appropriate event hashtag in less than half of a minute.

How does this printer work?

It’s quite simple. You have to take the picture, tag it then print it. Even your guests can take photos with their mobile phones, then they need to add #your-event-tag to the photo and after that, their photos will be printed automatically and your guests can take them on their leave.

Instagram printer hire for your wedding or event

The best thing about hiring an Instagram printer for your event is that there will be no more queues. You can take photos anywhere and whenever you want because you are not limited to the location of a photo booth. Saving time means having more fun.

Also if you have limited space, that is not a problem. The Instagram printer doesn’t take up to much space so it’s a good asset for venues where space is an issue. You will have all the fun of a photo booth without the required space.

Another awesome thing is that you can get photo prints of your ceremony. You can encourage the guests to take photos during the ceremony, and they will be printed during your hire period. It is awesome to capture moments anywhere and everywhere.

Those amazing printers can help you with your product launch or a select event. Using a hashtag printer will provide a live feed of all the great things that will happen in that event and also everything will be shared on social media with ease and efficiency. You can create unique hashtags for your event and let the attendees know that they can share that trough Instagram. Every printed photo can be customized with your logo, product or whatever you may need. This is cool because guests will take a memento of their launch and a reminder of where they went to.

Hiring instagram printer hire Melbourne can produce the results you need. A great tool that will take your event viral as people are encouraged to share. Also, the copies of all these photos can be used for further events as well and as a good promotional material. Because it is said that a picture tells a thousand words, you can imagine what happy guests can say about this.

Reasons Why Starting A Photo Booth Hire Business a Bad Idea

About 50% of all small businesses will fail in the first five years of being open. Most of the time, these failed businesses are caused by not doing a lot of research, and bad planning. In the last few years, more photo booth hire businesses have been opening, as the cost of buying the photo booth hire equipment is not very expensive, depending on the style of booth you use. However, the problem with opening a photo booth hire is that you are going to have a tough time getting customers, unless you already have a track record in wedding photography. Here are some reasons why opening a photo booth hire business is a bad industry to try to get into.

Very Limited Work

If you are looking to turn a photo booth business into a full time job, you are going to have a tough time doing this. Most photo booths are booked about 90% of the time on Saturday nights. When if you are charging $1000 per event, every Saturday for the whole year, you would only be making $52,000 a year. This is rare to be able to charge this amount, and you still need to account for bills, repairs costs, and other costs, so you are not making anywhere near $52,000 a year.

Start-up Cost

The average small business owner should be ready to pay around $10,000 to start-up this style of business. The amount will change depending on the camera, printer, paper, computer and touch screen that you choose to buy for your company. Once you have all the items you need it will take a long time to get a return on your money that you invested. Provided, of course, that you are able to get work.

Trade Shows and Weddings

You may think that most trade shows and weddings are going to rent a booth, so you will be able to make good money. You may also think that you are going to get good leads at these places for more business. This is both true and false. You should definitely be able to get some leads when you are at the more popular wedding and trade shows; however, the cost to book a spot at one of these shows is really high. The cost of the spot will depend on the show and the size of the photo booth hire Perth that you want. You also need to spend money on literature, signs, and business cards. You could let people test out the photo booth, but you are going to most likely have a long line, which most people will walk away from.