Caring for Car Seat Covers Made of Sheepskins

Put your washing machine on ‘wool’ or ‘gentle’ cycle that uses lukewarm water (40°C). Do not use high temperature as heat damages sheepskin and makes it shrink. Spin at normal or slow to drain out excess water. Allow to dry indoors over three or four days. Never bleach sheepskin car seat cover or leave it to soak. Also, the slower you dry your covers, the softer they will be.

Hand Washing

For hand washing sheepskin car seat covers, take some detangling shampoo; some lukewarm water (the water should never be HOT) in a bowl and a washcloth. Dip the cloth in the water, wring out excess water and rub the damp cloth over the surface of the seat covers. This will dislodge any mud or grime sticking on to the sheepskin surface. Rinse and repeat till you have removed all visible patches of dirt.

Next, put some detangling shampoo onto the wet washcloth and rub to spread the liquid evenly. Gently scrub the sheepskin from top to bottom in vertical strokes on the furry surface. Do not rub on the leather surface on the reverse side.

Always remember to rinse the washcloth after a few runs and always wring out excess water. The washcloth should be just damp and not dripping wet.

After you have finished applying shampoo, rinse the washcloth thoroughly and dip in clean lukewarm water. Wring out excess water and rub the sheepskin surface similarly as before to wash off all traces of shampoo.

Next, gently brush the Sheepskin car seat covers while still moist and hang for drying in a cool area that is away from direct sunlight. Never use heat to dry your sheepskin covers and allow them to dry slowly to retain shape and gloss.