Car Storage Services

If you need to take your car to and from a destination, there is car storage, there is no need to worry about the transportation and safety of your own car. Planning about your next out of town trip with family you need to contact the company 24 to 48 hours before the day that you will need it for. This is because they are also catering to other customers and this is for reservation purposes.

Aside from the monthly fees that you will be paying for, of course you will need to notify them of your requirements to be fair to them as well. If you will not allow them to know what you fully need then You will not be able to enjoy the full services they offer. Even if they will take your car to its destination, you need to let them know what your car needs. The size of the vehicle storage is also important because cars have different sizes and they have different prices for different sizes of car storage caravans. This is a monthly fee that you pay and call them 1 to 2 days ahead of time.



When they arrive at your place to take your car, they have already checked their caravan for any problems that might cause inconvenience along the way. This is important because when transporting cars, you do not want to have any delays and it is not advisable that you go on the road without thoroughly checking your vehicle. They take your car from Melbourne and back to Melbourne if that’s where you are headed back. Car storage is very important if you do not want to end up blocking the driveway and eat up all that extra space. You cannot go wrong with getting a service like this because you will benefit from not having the trouble of being the one to transport or worry about the storage of your car. They will be the one taking care of it and that won’t be a concern for you, this is their quality services to their clients.

They are open from 8 to 6 pm by appointment from Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday by strict appointment only. They need to fix their time when entertaining clients because they will end up getting more than what they can handle if they just let the clients walk in and out of their office anytime of the day.  This is to maintain the quality of the service they provide for clients.