Buying Budget Pens

Bulk buying is great because you can save at least 30% of money on your total cost. You will further save money if you decide to utilise an appropriate production capacity for manufacturing your promotional pens yourself. The second rule is to always use the services of the same manufacturer and buy in bulk. Always order with a buffer ratio of 10% in excess to what is required. It is amazing how much money you will be saving if you take these measures while buying pens for your company.

Do some intelligent market research

The presence of the Internet has increased the accessibility of market data which was previously not available to the end user. You can find out about 15 promotional pen manufacturers, look at their samples and select one which adheres to your preference on quality, colour, cost, printed message and features. You can even view and zoom pictures of the pens which you have ordered before they are ordered to you. Market research will allow you to bargain vendor. When talking to one vendor casually talk about another vendor whom you are also considering. You will be surprised to see how fast the price drops of promotional pens.

Easy to customize

When choosing cheap promotional products, it definitely makes sense to go in for something that is easy to customize. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be stuck with a load of products you can’t even print your company name on. Plastic pens are easily customizable and serve the purpose of promotional activities quite well. In all, plastic pens can turn out to be just the right choice for you.