Building a New Home Versus Buying a Pre-Owned Home

In theory, this is simple. Leaf through the options available or contact your local real estate agent and go to a few viewings and choose the house that you find best. But if only it were that easy!

The good things

The best part about building your own house is the flexibility it provides in terms of design and floor plans. Seeing your house grow from an ink and paper version to a tangible entity also brings with it a sense of emotional fulfillment and accomplishment. You can also choose the location you want to live in and find a neighborhood that is close to your kids’ school and provides other amenities like community lawn maintenance.

The not-so good things

The biggest con of building a home from scratch is the time and money invested in the process. If the home builder you choose are not trustworthy, or if the weather decides to play hooky, or if several of the other things that can go wrong do wrong then you will end up with a project that will take ages to finish and overshoot your cost estimates by a huge margin.

The bottom-line

Whether to buy or build is a huge question, and you need to consider many factors like your financial situation, your job security and long term plans to make a final decision. So weigh the pros and cons carefully before you decide to take the plunge! See home renovator in Brisbane

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