Brunch: Best Foods to Try

Many people look forward to weekends. Apart from having the right to slack off, it also means waking up late. This is also the time where they can enjoy brunch. Here are the best foods to try when taking this meal of the day:


Frittata came from the word friggerre, it is made of eggs, parmesan cheese, herbs and butter. People who want a dish that can satisfy their appetites and make them energetic throughout the day should eat this. As you know, eggs have high levels of protein and other nutrients, that are essential for energy production.

Burger with Bacon


If you are into comfort foods this weekend, then you might want to eat a burger with bacon. There are many eateries that offer this type of hamburger, so you can easily find one. However, you must remember to consider your diet restrictions before getting this dish.


Most people who are concern about their health should have a salad for their weekend brunch. Why not? Lettuce and spinach, which are the main ingredients of this dish, have fibre, minerals and iron that can make the body healthy. ThisĀ healthy food will not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but also satisfies your taste buds.

Toast with Cheese

Almost every restaurant serves toast with cheese. If you want to eat a light brunch which can still make you full, then this is the best food to order. It is up to you whatever type of bread you want for your toast.

Weekends are important times to unplug from the day-to-day work. It is also a chance to do all the things you want, such as waking up late, watching your favourite movies and eat anything you want. Good thing, when it comes to brunch, there are many eateries that offer the foods mentioned above.

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