Blocked Drains Prevention

There are various sizes of drainage screens available in the market for your kitchen, washbasin and bathroom drains. They are the most widely used anti-drain blockers all over the world. Just pick out the correct size for your drain and watch it stop all the waste you pour down the sink.

Just remember to clean these regularly as they can get clogged very quickly, thus allowing water to overflow from your sink if you keep that tap on for too long. Utilising one of these drain screens alone will solve all your blocked drains problems and save you money that would otherwise be spending on expensive replacements and plumber charges. See Home Inspectors

Clean popup stoppers regularly

Popup drain stoppers are known to cause the majority of the bathroom clogs. The accumulated soap scum, strands of hair and other residues all build up in the stoppers, thus blocking your drain and preventing water to flow out. Consider pulling these out at least once a week and clean them off. You can use an old or unused brush to clean the stoppers and be amazed at how much waste it had accumulated. Thus, the problem of Blocked drains in North Brisbane can be solved to a large extent if you clean the stoppers regularly.

Stop pouring grease down your sink

A certain amount of residual oil and grease is left behind after cooking. Your first instinct will be to pour it down the sink, in that case, stop. Grease and residual are the two main reasons for blocked drains.

They destroy your drainage pipes by hardening them. The best way to prevent that is to leave the residues in a cooking pan; you can then throw it in the trash once it hardens. If you have poured the grease down the drain, it is recommended to immediately wash it down by pouring hot water down your sink. The heat from the hot water prevents the oil and grease from hardening, allowing it safe passage through the pipes and thus preventing clogging.

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