Blinds over Curtains

So, you are done with the main part of decorating your place and you are now dealing with the finishing touches. Of course you have to cover something over your windows as they will really look bare and everyone including the crooks can freely spy inside your place. For sure you are now faced with the thought of what to use, blinds or curtains. Yes, these two things can be great for your place but they differ in many things a lot. So, it is up to you to weigh their differences and go for what you think is more advantageous in all aspects.

Yes, curtains may be more popular in the old days but if you will check out some of the newly built houses and buildings, you might be in for a surprise to find out that more people are now choosing blinds over curtains. Yes you can’t deny that a luxurious set of curtains covering your windows can really look smashing in your living room. But the thing is with the many choices these days when it comes to blinds, same effect can be achieved as well. Aside from that, because of their many uses and functions, you can use them almost everywhere like in your bathrooms, kitchens, in any part of your home for that matter. Homewares are needed also for a complete home interior design.

There are many things blinds can provide that curtains cannot as what is mentioned above. For example with vertical or venetian blinds, these two types can help you in controlling the heat of the sun in a way that you can still have a good view of the outside world. And if you want to completely cover your place, then you can make use of the total blackout type. Curtains can certainly not do that. All you can do with them is tie them or let them hang. You can’t go halfway with them.

Another thing is they are easier to maintain. With curtains, you have to wash the whole thing or their color will become brownish, that means you have to take them off the windows for the time being. So, you have to at least get 2 sets of them so as not to leave your windows bare while you are cleaning the other set. That is not the case with blinds. You can clean them without taking them off as you don’t need to wash them. All you need to do is to wipe the dust off and their good to go.

Lastly, with the many styles and colors of blinds these days, you can still get the benefits that you will get with curtains even if you will choose to make use of the blinds over your windows. You cannot do the same thing with curtains though. Choose the proper window treatment according to your preference.

So, if you are convinced blinds are indeed a better choice, you can start checking out for those websites that are providing them. For sure you will not have a hard time finding them as there are already a number of them online.

Home renovation should be done at least once in a while in order for the air to flow freely on the ventilation system.

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