Best Corporate Team Building Activities

The most successful team building activities are those which cultivate empathy and communication amongst people. Organisations run on people and people perform best in functional teams. Corporate Team Building have gained a lot of prominence in the last few years as corporate have realised the importance the team spirit in terms of producing better performances.

Bond over Go karting

Go karting racing is fun and energetic and gives an immediate adrenaline rush. This will send you in a racing and rib tickling frenzy as you all try to whizz past each other around the water cooler. The idea is to vary the interaction from the usual peering-over-the top of the cubicle types. Your oxytocin levels are going to hit new highs after your go-carting session and you will watch the magic of strengthened camaraderie.

Create an office Olympics event

Organising an office Olympics is the best thing that the human resources/ team development department can do when it comes to strengthening the team spirit of the employees. The competitive nature of the Olympic style games will bring out the best performances in everybody while the team building side will strengthen ties between colleagues.

Office Olympics should be composed of fun games like sand castle sculpture, creative painting competitions, mimicry contests and many other types of entertaining activities. At the end of grand event the winners and the runner up gets felicitated in the true Olympiad style.

If there is no way you can inculcate corporate team building activities in office then you can try participating in a charitable event or volunteer work.