Benefits of Removing and Cleaning your Lenses Every Couple of Hours

Air Optix Contact lens has made life easy for thousands of people suffering from eye defects. Sometimes contacts lens turn from a boon of medical technology to a source of eye irritation and vision problems, This happens due to the deposition of excess protein on the lens or the accumulation of bacteria. However removing and cleaning lenses have multiple benefits that will automatically solve all these problems.

Provide a breathing space for your eyes

Most of the time, we find it hard to blink after a long period period of eye contacts usage. Your eyes will feel grainy and you will have the constant urge to rub your eyes. The immediate solution of this problem would be to remove your contact lenses and clean them for a couple of minutes before putting them on again.

The 3 step process of lens care

There is a 3 way process of lens care which will keep your eyes safe and your lens cleaner and brighter for a long time. There are basically 3 steps of lens care and they are cleaning, disinfection and rinsing.

Different kinds of contact lenses will require different levels of care and its best to rely on your manufacturers specifications when it comes to looking after your lens. Rinsing will wash away the debris of the lens cleanser while disinfection will rid the Air Optix Contact lens from the remnants of protein deposits.

Never use tap water, bottled water or any other cleansing solution on your lens. Remember that Air Optix contact lenses are very delicate and should be only treated with the lens care liquid given by the manufacturer.