Benefits of Hiring an Independent Inspector instead of an Agency

You should select an independent inspector who has strong referrals behind him/ her. This makes them better than an agency. If you hire an agency, they may or may not send the best inspector. You can read about the agency, but not about the individual who’s coming to inspect.

They spend more time

Independent inspectors spend more time with your building, reviewing it, analysing and communicating observations. They take their own time to see the blueprint of the building, keenly observe the electrical, plumbing, constructional aspects of your building and make decisions accordingly. It takes time to analyse and create a report. Someone from the agency might have to inspect more than 4 buildings in a day and create reports for them. They might not be able to observe very well and dedicate so much time for your house alone. This makes independent inspectors better.

They are more serious

For a building or a home inspector working on behalf of an agency, inspection is just a job for him/ her. Not meant to offend anyone, as a lot of them are serious too – but it’s still a job for them. People who experience their service can only rate the agency and not them. So they might not be losing a lot. But for independent inspectors, referrals and reviews are everything for them. They are more serious, as reviews are the only things that can show their technical know-how about building inspection to the world. They gain clients and earn money based on their work. So they tend to be more serious and help make your home a better place to live.