Benefits of Growing your Own Coffee

Coffee is a global drink, and from its home country of Ethiopia it has now spread to almost every corner of the world. One may then ask that if coffee is so popular and so widely available, why then would anyone want to take the trouble of growing their own coffee beans.

Well apparently, a lot of people do. Coffee plantations abound and there is just something to be said about living the planter’s life – waterproof boots, and all weather jackets et all. But many others grow coffee in their backyard or indoors just as a hobby, or because they love the taste of unadulterated, homemade brews.

What are the benefits?

You mean, apart from the joy of watching the plants grow and produce beans under your deft administrations? Or the envy on the face of your house guests when they see your home-coffee garden? But seriously, growing your own coffee gives you better control over the taste and quality of the coffee you are drinking. It also has other benefits like:

  • Reduced intake of adulterants and other chemicals typically found in processed foods like preservatives and so on
  • Wonderful fragrance that is almost like jasmine flowers in your house from the coffee blooms
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Each coffee plant has the capacity to convert the carbon dioxide we breathe out into an ounce of fresh and pure oxygen
  • Fresh and readily available source of fertilizer for your other plants and a natural insecticide to keep away ants, fleas, and other insects.

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