Benefits of Going in For Custom Designed Timber Dunnage

If you are in the business of transporting commodities over long distances, you will definitely be using a lot of packaging materials to protect and stabilize the articles during their journey. Such packaging materials are loosely termed as dunnage and are commonly made from either solid timber or a combination of reconstituted wood or plywood. Crates, cases, pallets, skids, beams, bearers, drums, blocks, load boards and a host of other items are commonly used for this purpose. While you can always purchase such articles off-the rack anytime, it certainly pays to customize these according to your specific need.

Why Invest in Customized Timber Dunnage?

Bespoke pallets, skids and crates can make a huge difference to the way you transport your consignment and to your profit margin. You transport a host of different articles ranging from tough industrial components to fragile mirrors and crockery. Packing materials play a very important part during loading, transportation and unloading and can influence the way the goods finally reach your client. Understandably, a lot of attention must be devoted to the packaging materials, something that is often overlooked by casual transporters. Opting for custom-designed pallets and skids is the best way if you want to maximize your ROI and maintain a good reputation for safe and timely transportation.

Manufacturers of customized packing materials use specific designing software that offers specifications and analysis on the exact pallet and skids most suitable for your purpose. You can add handles to the articles for convenience of your workers and opt for other changes that will maximize ease of handling.

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