Australia’s Construction Time Lapse Camera

A leading mining and construction firm in Australia, Relieve It is a system provider in time lapse photography, and provides the state of the art HD time lapse video camera systems and services.

With its highly regarded portable, plug and go solutions, the construction time lapse cameras are an essential tool highly sort by companies that need to increase their project management effectiveness.


Characteristics Of the Relieve It Time Lapse Camera

As one of the only remote Time lapse camera services, the Relive It system allows real time access to your images high quality stabilized videos provided by a professional editing service to display your project better.

The time lapse Camera can capture images that can be accessed over the 3G network that can be used to show movies in just a few seconds one that could take days, weeks, months or years to complete.

For high quality photos, there is integration between the high resolution SLR with the time lapse camera unit and then uploads the photos directly to the servers and integrate them with smart phones, web pages, desktops as well as custom applications.

You can capture smart photos and images from external events like wildlife movement, passing vehicles and lightning strikes by integrating the time lapse camera with light, movement and any other sensors.

Application of the Construction Time Lapse Camera System

With the time lapse camera system you can use it in;

  1.  The resolution of dispute through time-stamped photographs
  2. Documenting and examining archives
  3.  Advertisement, marketing and documenting materials
  4. Asset protection, monitoring of projects and risk reduction
  5. Involvement of stakeholders through online web interface

You can capture a perfect photo with enormous control from the Relive It system that has versatile ultra wide zoom lens and a digital SLR with 14+ mega pixel. In addition, the system can also integrate with ultraviolet spectrum and Infra-Red cameras.

The system is efficient since it is self contained, small and has a solar power; you therefore do not need a third party contractor like an electricians and telecommunications experts when you move from one project to another.

The camera is also designed for mounting movements thus operating flexibly with an ease for automation and relatively simple solution enhancement.

It Is As Easy As That.

With the time lapse camera you can receive your project’s development updates while effectively managing your project.