All About Serviced Apartments

First of all, do you understand what a serviced apartment is? For those who are not familiar with the term, it is a fully furnished accommodation that is available for a short and a long term stay. You need not worry about utility bills just like when you will rent a hotel as they are inclusive with the rent you pay. There are already a number of serviced apartments in almost all areas and some of them are called holiday apartments. A serviced apartment can have two to four bedrooms, so depending on your preferences, you can choose which one you will book into. As it is fully furnished, it means that you can cook your food so that you need not go out if you feel like it and just eat your meals there. It has also a furnished laundry room and living room. Just like the hotels, it also has a number of amenities that you can enjoy.

There are a number of benefits in staying in a serviced apartment, that is why more people are starting to prefer this type of accommodation. Listed below are the topmost benefits of serviced apartments:

– It has more space. That is right as a service apartment is not just a room but actually just like a home away from a home thus it is called an apartment. It has living room, kitchen and sleeping quarters. It also means that if you will be staying for a week, you can receive guests.


– It is quite more affordable compared to hotels as you will be charged per apartment and not per person. In hotels, you need to pay extra if you will let another person in aside from what they specify which is not the same in serviced apartments. It will be up to you how many people will be with you as long as you pay the rent of the said apartment. You can also save on costly meals as you can cook your own meals at times or every time.

– You can easily and safely book online for serviced apartments Brisbane Northside. You can be sure that your personal information will be strictly confidential so that no one will ever know about it.

– You will have more privacy with serviced apartments being no one will check on you unless you will ask for them. No one will suddenly know on the door to change the linens or throw the trash except when you will make a request. If you have guests coming, then you can certainly enjoy their company without disturbances from the management. They will only come if they are called. You are definitely o your own in a serviced apartment.

Indeed you can say that serviced apartments are the most appropriate accommodation that you can choose these days because of their affordable yet comfortable apartments. If you hate travelling because you will be forced to stay in a room, then with serviced apartments, that is not the case anymore as it would still be like staying in your own home.