All About Mobile Tower Crane Hire

Back in the bad old days, urban construction was a pain in the proverbial. It was time-consuming, difficult, dangerous and whole disruptive areas of a city had to be closed off while cumbersome lifting gear was built: lifting equipment that then spent months hanging its ugly head over the skyline, boom swinging like the neck of some prehistoric beast. With the advent of bigger engines and more reliable vehicles, though, a new creature was made possible the mobile tower crane, a marriage of heavy-duty rolling stock and the high, previously static cranes employed by long-term building sites.

The crane hire is essentially a fold-up lifting unit mounted on a multi-axled vehicle. The vehicle, based on the heavy crawlers used in quarrying, is capable of supporting thousands of tons in lifted weight: the lifting gear, though compact when stored, can reach to the same sorts of height as a static tower crane and carry similar loads. The mobile tower crane, though, unlike the static tower crane, can be imported into a job at will: meaning that the disruption caused by heavy lifting only need occur when that lifting is taking place.

A mobile tower crane has another, probably even bigger advantage over a static one: a mobile tower crane doesn’t need physically to be pieced together every time it goes to a job. Standard tower cranes have to be built in site, which takes up a lot of time and even more space. The ground area needed to construct a non-mobile tower crane is immense so big, in fact, that a lot of inner city building sites simply can’t entertain the notion of using one. The mobile tower crane, by contrast, needs an area little bigger than its truck bed to set up in: the truck itself, with multiple turning axles making manoeuverability easy, can fit into spaces you wouldn’t normally be able to get anything like a tower crane into.

Now that you know the function of a mobile crane, you might consider hiring a company who service crane for hire for your convenience. It is normal that owning a construction company needs a crane, and if ever you planned to purchase the same, maintenance should be given to that effect. Crane hire is a smart way of saving you expenditures because you need not pay for the maintenance f you have no projects as of the moment.