All About Commercial Solar Power

Solar power is basically the conversion of sunlight into the electricity. When used for commercial purposes, it is termed as commercial solar power. The energy from the sun can either be used directly or indirectly. The photovoltaics can be used when the energy of the sun is transferred directly. On the other hand, unified solar or concentrated solar power is used to indirectly convert sunlight into electricity from commercial use. Photovoltaics are used to convert the sunlight into an electric current directly. Whereas tracking systems made up of lenses are used to convert sunlight into a light beam. This of course takes a lot of time as compared to the direct method. Mostly for commercial purposes, the indirect method is used which consists of the concentrated solar power plants.

While talking about photovoltaic cells, silicon solar cells can easily convert the sunlight into the electricity and are extremely efficient. Whereas the concentrated solar power plants use thermal energy of the sun to make steam and then to convert it into electricity using a turbine. The turbines consists of the mirror strips and lenses to focus the large area. A commercial solar power also has a linear parabolic reflector which has the potential to concentrate the sunlight within a narrow beam. This whole system works on the principle of axis and reflectors. Solar power tower is also an integral part of the commercial solar power plant. These towers are extremely efficient, have a better storage of light and are cost effective.

In the early days, solar technologies were not developed enough. Due to this, the natural resources such as coal and petroleum were found to be scarce. With time and technological advancement, the sunlight was used efficiently as a form of electricity for commercial uses.

There are some marked advantages as well as some disadvantages of using commercial solar power. First of all solar power is considered secure and long term in terms of energy production. Secondly the whole system can be easily maintained and monitored. Third and the most important advantage is that solar costs less than traditional electricity. On the contrary it does have some drawbacks. The produced panels does lead to pollution including the omission of greenhouse gases. Secondly the heavy metal used in the construction of the solar power system is toxic in nature and does possess the potential to ensue in conservation food chains. Nowadays it is observed that renewable energy such as solar power is stored to ensure its availability for long term use.

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