Afraid Of Visiting A Dentist?

Needle phobia, in simpler term, the fear of needles stops not only children but also many adults to receive the treatment they will need. This case can go even further with dentists because they put a needle inside your mouth, somewhere you cannot see. Good news to the people with this phobia. Dentists are using new technology with new dental equipment that do not need to put a syringe inside your mouth. Here are some alternatives you will find in dentist’s office:

Injex: A Needle-Free Anesthesia

Instead of pushing a needle inside the gum area, Injex tool uses equal pressure to spray the anesthesia on the teeth. Patients are asked to sit in a relaxed upright position, light movement is not a problem. But the dentist needs to inform them beforehand to avoid any sudden defensive movement. Then the tool needs to be placed on the top of the teeth area where the medicine should and pull the trigger. They do not feel even a little bit of discomfort other than the fact that their teeth are temporarily numb. The equal pressure distributes the medicine equally to every concentration level equally. The basic dose of 0.3ml of anesthesia can be inputted easily.

Studies marked this method as a safer method than regular traditional procedure. Because the Injex not only ensures comfort but also avoids any kind of unfortunate intramuscular injections. So, no severe pain after the effect of anesthesia wears off. Generally there is no bleeding issue as the skin in not even penetrated. But if there is a drop of blood shown, no need to freak out.

Dental Wand: Painless Medicine Delivery Tool

New technology has reached to dental treatment as well. This fancy name tool has a computerized system attached with it. Someone can control the movement, pressure, timing, volume, rate of medicine input etc. precisely through the computer command. Anesthesia or any kind of medicine can be inputted using this tool. The rate of medicine input is controlled which can control the effect just as the dentist wants.

The perfect balance of pressure, volume and rate of medicine flow makes it painless for the patient. This technology is definitely much better than the old fashioned syringe. This ‘human error’-free procedure will provide a trouble-free treatment to the patient. The tool looks like a simple pen, meaning, dentist will hold it like a pen. In this way he will gain the full control when he locate the exact point where the patient needs the treatment.

It is not fair for patient to be scare of a treatment procedure but there is no alternative. Many dental clinics in Australia now are using this technique to treat the patient. So the people with the fear of needles should not back out from the treatment. Because latest technology in dentistry are designed to improve the treatment procedure and make it a lot less painful.

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