Advantages of Contact Lenses

There are a lot of advantages of contact lens as compared to a reading glass. Unlike glasses which alter your appearance and make you look older and formidable, contact lenses do not alter your facial appearance or detract from your looks. In fact, most women prefer wearing contact lenses as they allow people to admire your eyes and facial good looks. Many people are also of the opinion that wearing contact lenses makes you appear your own age whereas spectacles add a few years to your face.

Unlike spectacles which collect perspiration, skin oil, sebum and precipitation and therefore become foggy, oily and blurred every now and then, contact lenses do not collect these substances and therefore do not blur the vision. You don’t have to worry about snow or rain while wearing contacts – a huge problem with glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, you can sport any type of stylish and fashion sunglasses to match your outfits. You don’t even need to spend a fortune on expensive sunglass brands as the affordable and functional ones won’t hurt your eyes.

Spectacle users cannot use sunglasses to make cool style statements. Instead, they have to invest in expensive transitional/photo chromatic glasses in a neutral shade that will go with hopefully all your outfits.

Those who lead very active life outdoors or are into sports and fitness prefer wearing contact lens as it does not create any barrier or distraction. Those who play water sports, wear sports helmets and participate in high impact games generally prefer contact lenses over spectacles for safety reasons.

Contact lenses do not become foggy with temperature changes unlike glasses.

Contact lenses do not distort your vision as they are worn on the eye and allow a natural vision. However, when you wear glasses, a visual distortion is created by the distance between the glass lens and your eye.

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