Advantages and Disadvantages of Timber Floors

Truly, timber floors are one of the most popular choices for floorings of homes or condominiums. This is because they are very cost effective. Sure, they may take a lot of money to buy and a long time to install, but this pays off very well as they are guaranteed to last a very long time, almost a lifetime. More characteristics of timber floors that add to their being cost effective is that they are very easy to clean and maintain and when damaged, easy to fix and re-polish. Timber floors Adelaide are also very hygienic and are safe for those with pets living in their homes. Aside from this, timber floors appreciate both is aesthetic value and economic value through time as they look more beautiful as they age and as the trees from the forests they are harvested diminish.

Although they have great advantages such as those mentioned above, there are other things about floors that people should know before finally deciding that they want timber floors as the flooring of their new home.

  1. Wooden floors are affected by the environment. Because wood is porous, it is affected by the amount of water in the environment including the air. Dampness, temperature, humidity all have varying effects on wood.
  2. In some areas especially countries with changing seasons, the wooden boards expand and contract in response to the changing environment. This should be taken into account when positioning and installing the boards so that there will be enough space in between to allow then to expand and avoid damage.
  3. The colors of the planks may also vary despite being named similarly. This is due to the natural tendency of trees to have different colors. This should also be taken into account when installing the floors. To minimize abrupt changes, you can mix the pile first to make sure that they are randomized.
  4. Although damage control may be fairly simple when the wood is scratched or notched in some places, it is better to avoid these at all costs as some boards become brittle if frequently resurfaced. To do this, furniture, especially the heavy ones and the ones that are always being moved such as chairs need to be installed with cushion mats on their legs to help prevent these scratches and keep the wooden floor in an exquisite state.
  5. When doing damage control, the homeowner should make sure to choose the right kind of putty. Some putty may shrink after some time and retract forming ugly ridges in the surface. It is best to ask your local carpenter for advice regarding the best type of putty. Moreover, choose the color of putty that is close to the color of your board. This is important to preserve the beauty of your floor. You do not want obvious spots to be visible.