A Guide to Wakeboarding Grabs

There is nothing more stimulating to the eyes than the image of a well trained wakeboarder executing a couple of grabs in his/her snazzy new wakeboard. The wakeboarding grab is often used as the first step to many complicated and bigger steps. If you are a newbie on this water sport, then learning to grab will teach you how to balance and coordinate with your body better. You will learn how to orient yourself better and this will make you start off on learning so many different tricks.

Do the tail grab

One of the most visually appealing and easy kind of grab in the wakeboarding circuit is the tail grab. You will have to move your hands backwards and clutch at the tail end of your wakeboard. You can indulge in a mini competition with yourself to spruce up your game. Just see how many minutes you can keep holding to your grab before you eventually land.

This trick is fairly easy and you will probably get the hang of it in a couple of sessions. Once you are an expert at the basic tail grab you can experiment by straightening the leg front and pointing the board nose up in the air. These little variations will add class to your wakeboarding act.

On the other hand, applying pressure on the board is one way that you can do when you want to get up on your wakeboard.

The pressure you apply on the board should be just enough to tap the board and change directions. Use your dominant foot to tap the board and make sure that you do not submerge the board underwater while doing so.

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