A Guide to Stand Up on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is an interesting aqua sport. Riding on the water requires agility and mental strength. The best manoeuvres of snowboarding, water skiing and surfing are amalgamated in this water sport. Certain steps should be followed to stand up on a wakeboard.

Materials Required

Certain materials are necessary for enjoying the pleasures of wakeboarding.  A life-jacket is very important. The shape and size of the life-jacket must be proper. A wakeboards must have bindings which can be adjusted according to ones need. The feet of the user must feel comfortable in it. A rope will be needed for towing. It must have a handle. The boat must be attached with a deck pylon.

Prior Practice Needed on Hard Surface

A novice rider on wakeboarding must not jump into the water instantly. He is always advised to stretch out on the shore and adjust his feet in the appropriate gear. The rider must then firmly grasp the handle attached with the tow rope.  Someone else must have the reins of the rope in his hand. The rope will then stretch out. The other person will act as the board.

A very consistent pull can be maintained in this way. The rider must not try to get up on his feet. As the process starts the chest of the rider will gradually almost touch the knees. No one should get up unless and until the back touches the hard surface of the board.

The rider will slowly realize   that the process of standing up will be an automatic one.  As one gradually tries to get up, the handle attached to the rope must be stretched towards the hip.

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