A Guide to Solar electricity for Apartments

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which will never get depleted. With more number of people becoming sensitive about global warming, solar electricity is considered to be a feasible alternative to energy generation. Solar panels are now extensively used for electricity generation in apartments. It is a viable way to save money on electricity bills across Australia.

Usage of solar electricity for apartments

Solar electricity can be beneficial for apartment blocks in Australia where solar panels are used to generate electricity. With the increase in prices of electricity drastically over the past few years in different parts of Australia, more apartment blocks, schools and businesses are now opting for different ways to save on their power bills. With the reduction in the cost of installing solar photovoltaics (PV) systems, solar electricity is considered to be more cost effective.

This is because the solar energy required for solar PV systems is absolutely free of cost and once the initial investment is done, there is not much expenditure incurred. Moreover, the power generated can be directed to the residents’ power units and the power bills can be controlled as well as monitored individually.

Another benefit of solar electricity for these apartments is that it helps in lighting up common areas like club houses, hallways, lobbies or utility areas like swimming pool, tennis court or kids’ play area.

To enjoy eligibility, you should satisfy criteria like you should be an owner of an apartment in the apartment block, you should have the necessary permission from body corporate and the solar panels should have been installed in the block.