A Guide to Lifting Weights for Beginners

Are you thinking of losing calories through weight lifting? Are you worried about taking the first step? Here’s the very first thing to do – take it easy and don’t panic. It doesn’t matter whether you join some gym or use home exersize machines for weight lifting, you just have to follow some basic rules and you will be through it.

Purpose of Weight Lifting

There are various kinds of weight lifting meant to work on various muscles in your body. If you are joining the gym or using home gyms with a particular objective, then get familiar with the exercises which will help you in attaining your particular objective.

For instance,for getting strong muscles, practice4-8 reps with heavy weights and for getting slimmer body, practice 10-12 reps with less weight. And if you want to do workout activity for the whole body, you can do push-ups.

Taking a protein supplement is a good idea for weight lifters, for this will help you in muscle building.

Prepare yourself for gym

If you are prepared to go to gym, you need to carry some basic things along-with you. You can use a separate bag for that purpose. Put your gym clothes, towel, water bottle and gloves into your bag, you will need all of them in the gym. Get sports shoes with flat heels . Even if you are using home gyms, dress yourself in comfortable cotton clothes, wear your sports shoes, keep water bottle next to you and avoid getting disturbed by kids, pets and family members.

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