4 Myths People Have About Business Cards

To many people they think that business cards are about to go out of fashion. Instead they prefer such shiny things that usually have no relevance and do nothing for their brands or companies.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the mistakes people have about their cards

They feel it is old fashioned

With the amount of smart phones and latest computer gadgets, nobody has the time to make cards again. But the simple truth is that a card can never go out of fashion. This is because it is the first thing a person sees about you or your business. It acts as the first impression for your brand. Therefore it can never be old fashioned. Instead it should be evolving to make it more relevant today.

It is expensive

This is simply not true. Business cards are very cheap and easy to produce. If you do your research properly you will find online printing companies that are ready to offer you massive discounts. There are also some companies that are ready to print additional copies at no cost if you sign up with them. So this is completely false. It costs less than all other forms of marketing or branding materials.

It cannot be easily customized

Most people feel that the size of the card is very small and hence cannot take all the things that you need to show. But the truth is that your card does not need everything. You do not want to overwhelm your viewers. You only need to show what is necessary.

Take for example, your social media profile; you do not need to put everything there. You only need to show what is important and what is necessary.

It is not a good branding tool

For building brands, creative business cards are the best tool. This is because this is the first thing your viewer sees and depending on the design, it can be used to build your brand If it is well designed with a template that is eye catching, it will remain in the minds of your viewer. So as a branding tool, your card is really very important. What you want to do is make sure that it is well designed, has good and legible fonts and printed on stock or quality papers.

Nothing speaks good company or individual like a very good card that represents you or your company very well.

Business cards are not dead. Neither are they going out of fashion. If you know what you are doing you can take advantage of it and reap the benefits.