Day: July 24, 2013


Benefits of Buying Used Catering Equipment

Catering equipment is widely different than the utensils one would buy form the local store, or for the house. The sheer size and volume of food required to be cooked for a catering business means that the equipments required have to be large and tough enough to withstand the brutal assault of a catering kitchen. […]

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Wearing White Jeans

Get the sophisticated preppy look by opting for white jeans that just touch the ankle. They should be of slim fit and not baggy or slouchy in appearance. A polo shirt or a form fitting sweater with either flat shoes or boat shoes look great in a preppy look. Basic solid colours and patterns which […]

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Health & Fitness

Losing Weight – Note The Changes & Write Your Story

A lot of people forget to note the changes in their body. As the energy level boosts up, people feel more confident, healthier and perform different activities easily. Such incredible changes definitely need to be noted down. So, write your story and when you start losing hope, this can help you to stay motivated. Once […]

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