Welcome to Open Government

Open government is a governing policy where the citizens are given the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government. This kind of governance includes transparency, participation by citizens as well as public collaboration in finding solutions to problems to improve the well-being of the community. In order to make this happen, many countries have incorporated laws & Acts. In the year 1982, an equivalent law was passed in Australia to allow its citizens to become an integral part of the governance and be involved in social responsibility.



A word seldom associated with government (transparency) is the very basis of open government. This fosters government accountability. It allows for the dissemination of information which in turn helps produce greater knowledge and progress.

Many non-governmental organizations have strongly accepted this with open arms. Moreover they advocate the implementation of norms with openness and transparency across the globe. Public Participation

The argument is that such standards are vital to the ongoing prosperity and development of democratic societies.  Accordingly, numerous organizations have worked to consolidate resources for citizens to access government (local, state and federal) budget spending, stimulus spending, legislative tracking, and more.

The Act

The Canberran Government in Australia has taken the initiative to come up with a website aptly titled “ACT” providing information which was not previously available to the public. Directness and sincerity in the government is essential for a strong democracy. And this website is just a step towards such social equality.

On this website you will find data that may be useful to you. You may find the information helpful to find out more about a specific issue and to be in touch with the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. The website is a way to facilitate collaboration between the public and government. It is also necessary to have feedback from the citizens and then and only then can the open government agenda develop.